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A Great New System!
Xi's New Athlon MTower SP 
Featuring AMD's Athlon Processor

August 28th, 1999 (revised March 5th, 2000)
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For many years Xi has been a sole supporter of the Intel Architecture. After careful research, Xi’s R&D Lab  is pleased  to endorse the AMD Athlon platform. There are some very unique features that make the AMD Athlon the fastest available processor to date. So… by "popular demand" and educated choice, Xi is glad to offer the AMD Athlon to you, with our tradition of top performance and reliability. Our New Xi Athlon MTower SP comes in six different clock speed: 600, 650, 700, 750, 800 & 850MHz (and soon up to 1000MHz!) with a 200MHz Front-end Processor BUS (CPU to Chipset), 128K L1 two way associative Cache and 512K L2 Cache. It supports the newest Ultra ATA-66 (66MB/sec. transfer rate) EIDE interface and has the New enhanced 3D NOW instruction-set specifically designed for graphics & 3D applications. Our Xi Athlon MTower SP is built with our new line of Tool Free Cases (no screwdriver needed to open) which supports 7 bays and comes with a generous 300W Power Supply. In keeping with Xi Computer’s tradition for unsurpassed speed, we are offering it with the fastest PC 100 MHz SDRAM - upgradeable to  133MHz 7.5ns SDRAM or Error Correcting Code (ECC) options. 
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How fast it is? Well, the 800 & 850 just tested by C-NET (February 2000) are the fastest PC ever! Much faster than some of the Intel 733MHz Pentium III equipped competitor even using RAMBUS. How about price? It is great!

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