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K Desktop Environment (KDE)

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KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.  

KDE is an Internet project and truly open in every sense. Development takes place on the Internet and is discussed on our mailing lists and USENET news groups to which we invite and welcome everyone. No single group, company or organization controls the KDE sources. Everyone is welcome to contribute to KDE. All KDE sources are open to everyone and may be distributed and modified by anyone subject to the well known GNU licenses.

KDE is a mature desktop suite providing a solid basis to an ever growing number of applications for Unix workstations. With KOM/OpenParts KDE has developed a high quality development framework for Unix, which allows for rapid and efficient application development. The KOM/OpenParts framework is based on recognized open industry standards such as X11 and CORBA 2.0 and forms the base of KDE's KOffice application suite.

You may visit the KDE home page for  more detailed information.