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Matrox G400

Users in the most demanding business and home computing environments will benefit from the powerful, well-balanced acceleration of the industry’s only 256-bit DualBus architecture implementing support for AGP 4X and AGP 2X. In addition to a 128-bit interface to memory matroxg400.jpg (21812 bytes)and support for a maximum of 32MB of synchronous memory, the Matrox G400 uses a new 3D Rendering Array Processor to deliver up to three times the real-life performance of previous generations. Also unique to the Matrox G400 is Vibrant Color Quality2 rendering (VCQ2), an architecture designed to preserve vibrant color quality for cutting edge multi-textured software applications. Fully DirectX6 and OpenGL compliant, the Matrox G400 is an extremely powerful 3D rendering engine supporting advanced 3D features including single cycle multi-texturing, Environment Mapped Bump Mapping, anisotropic filtering and stencil buffering. 
The Matrox G400 takes graphics acceleration to new levels with unique new features such as DualHead Display, an integrated RAMDAC of up to 300Mhz utilizing Matrox’s UltraSharp DAC technology and the fastest 2D performance in the industry.