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The Titles

Ability Photopaint 2000
Ability Plus Software

This brand new and startlingly powerful image-editing program will be familiar to all Adobe Photoshop users and compatible with all major file formats. You can get straight to work on your digital photography with its Image Enhancement Tools (brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, color levels, etc.), complex Selection Tools powerful Gradient and Brush Editors and so much more. Ability Plus Software

Ulead Cool 360
Ulead Systems, Inc.

Panoramic Photos Made Easy! Do you want to create immersive 360 panoramic images? Ulead COOL 360 can help you do so in just 3 easy steps! Ulead COOL 360 lets you quickly and easily transform a series of photos into 360 or wide-angle panoramas.

ixla Web Easy Express
ixla Limited ixla

Web Easy is the Web tool you've been waiting for Creating a Web site with ixla Web Easy is as easy as pointing and clicking on a background template, typing the words you want to appear, and using your mouse to "drag and drop" images from any source. Select from your own digital photos, scanned images, or from a broad selection of clip art.

ixla Photo Easy
ixla Limited

Includes 6 Programs-In-One: 1. ixla Frame: Easily download photos from cameras or scanners 2. ixla Explorer: Catalog and manage your photos 3. ixla Photo Publisher: Share photos with friends & family over the web minutes after taking them 4. ixla Photo Fix: Retouch and enhance photos - even fix red-eye! 5. ixla Photo Fun: Warp, twist & stretch your photos for creative fun 6. ixla Photo Maker: Create exciting custom calendars, postcards and more So, if you've got a digital camera or scanner and don't know what to do with your images, here's the answer! Finally a software package that allows you to connect to a range of digital cameras and scanners that will have you up and running in minutes. The software is so easy to use, anyone can instantly create masterpieces from their images!

Shutterfly SmartUpload

What can you do with Shutterfly? 1. Send in your pictures Install the Shutterly SmartUpload plug-in fast and easily (after completing the Registration process). Transfer your digital pictures to the Shutterfly site 2. Get Creative with them Add a unique border Add a message Crop your pictures Remove red-eye 3. Order prints and cards Sign-up now for 15 FREE high-quality prints Send prints to friends & family Turn them into printed greeting cards. Shutterly can even email them for you.