Xi AMD Sempron & Athlon XP Based

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AMD® Sempron & Athlon XP Based

Xi® MTower™ Gamer LE 
Based on the new AMD Sempron™ and Athlon™ XP with QuantiSpeed™ Architecture, the Xi MTower PRO, is the leader in value and business performance. Now Available with 400MHz  DDR RAM (Double Data Rate PC3200) and up to 400MHz FSB- Front Side Bus and up to 2.2GHz clock, using the new  "Barton" core with 128KB L1+ 512KB L2 Cache, QuantiSpeed™ 3200+. Lower clock speed Sempron™  cores are delivering an unbeatable performance/price values.  Optional Multiple channel RAID technology and expandability to 2GB of RAM, allows our Xi MTower PRO to deliver the real value in the 32Bit Desktop market.


Base price: $829.00  

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Sempron ™ & Athlon XP to 3200+ 333/400FSB, 400DDR!

Up to: 3200+ 400MHz FSB (2.2 GHz)

 Now Available With Microsoft® Windows XP

Absolutely incredible performance

Base features at a glance:
AMD Sempron  Processor 2200+ 333FSB
Socket-A Athlon upgradeable to 3200+ 400MHz FSB
128KB L1, 256KB L2 Cache (512KB w/Barton)
Full Size ATX MoBo, 1AGP-8X, 5 PCI - 2USB.
333/400MHz FSB Nvidia Nforce 2 Chipet
RAM exp to 2GB  PC3200(400MHz) DDR with opt. ECC
2x U-DMA ATA 133 EIDE, USB 2.0, 1x LPT 
3D nVidia MX440 64MB, 40GB ATA100. 15" Monitor
350W UL P.S. New Tool Free Xi Mid-Tower w/7 bays

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AMD 600MHz K7 Duron
AMD® 2200+  Sempron(Athlon) 333MHz FSB Upgradeable to 3200+ Athlon XP
For further details refer to the case and motherboard selected.
System shown with optional equipment

System shown with optional equipment, including but not limited to: Upgraded case, Speakers, Ergonomic Keyboard, Upgraded Mouse, Zip Drive, CD-RW etc. Check your actual order configuration.

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