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LanTimes Dec. 1997 - "The Xi 600 NetRAIDer was the hands down-winner, because of its superior performance, service options, and value"

CADENCE Dec. 1997 - "The best combination of performance, features, and speed is the Xi 266 PII Mtower SP"

PC Graphics & Video Sept. 1997 - "If you are looking for a hot Intel-based system, you need to take a look at the Xi dual 266MHz Pentium II system"

CADalyst Sept. 1997 - "If you're looking for a very fast, very affordable AutoCAD workstation, look no further than the Xi 532P-II MTower DP"
By A.L. - CADalyst

CADENCE Sept. 1997 - "If you're after the most bang-for-the-buck, this is the system for you."

LanTimes August 1997 - "A gigabyte of RAM and a muscular controller make this dual Pentium II machine much faster"

Cadalyst June 1997 - "the absolute best AutoCAD performance."

Cadalyst April 1997 - "Xi dominated our annual review with superb performance."

Cadalyst February 1997  - "If you lust after the fastest AutoCAD system on the planet, then Xi Computer's latest offering is for you"
By A.L. - CADalyst


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