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  CADalyst November 1998 - "The benchmark results for both systems are the fastest ever recorded at CADALYST Labs. It's nice to know some things never change." 

  CADalyst November 1998 - Pentium II vs. Xeon - "Both numbers exceed the previous top score ever recorded by CADALYST Labs."

  PC Computing August 1998 - "For solid performance on a budget, Xi  Computer's Xi 400 MTower SP is tough to beat... One more reason to step up to 400MHz"

  CADalyst August 1998 - "Once again, Xi Computers delivers on its promise of top AutoCAD performance... If you want a wickedly fast  3D system, your search is over. "

  CADENCE July 1998 - "Good price/performance combination again this year"

  CADalyst May 1998 - "Undeniably the price/performance leader... with outstanding performance and an unbelievable price, the Xi 666 is a dream come true for AutoCAD users, of course, its more of a nightmare for the competition."

  PC Computing February 1998 - "The Xi 600 MTower (is a) bona fide screamer"

  BYTE January 1998 - "If you have a real world budget.. it (the Xi 600 Mtower DP) represents the best bang for your buck"



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