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August 1999

The Xi 1100X NTower DP was the only workstation in the review with dual 550MHz Pentium III Xeon processors. For the record, our testing showed the full-speed cache of the Xeon boosted performance nearly 9% on our 3D benchmarks compared with similarly configured 550MHz Pentium III-based system with identical graphics card. Xi outfitted the 1100X NTower DP with Diamond's FireGL1 graphics adapter, which helped keep cost down while providing very good performance. The FireGL1's NT driver uses the Pentium III Xeon's SIMD instructions to offload complex geometry calculations to the second CPU.
Although its price of $6,414 is well above the average for this review, so is its performance. The Xi 1100X NTower DP's combined benchmark score was good enough for second place, a mere 3% off the top mark. It earned bragging rights on the 3dsBench test, beating the closest competitor by 16%. 3D Studio Max, which takes advantage of dual processors, obviously likes the Xeon's faster cache. The Xi 1100X NTower DP is a very strong Xeon-based system that offers good performance at a reasonable price. Its Xeon processors and FireGL1 graphics card seem especially well-suited for heavy-duty 3D OpenGL applications.
Highly Recommended.

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(Uses SuperMicro S2DG2 motherboard)

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