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CADALYST Magazine Dec   A great bargain for a truly high-performance machine that might very well change the minds of many “Intel only” customers. Xi has produced a definite winner with this system. It either equaled or excelled the scores of the Pentium 4 systems— significant when you consider that the Pentium 4 systems were running 300MHz faster and using a front-end bus speed that was twice as fast.

ZDNet Best Buy  The orange acrylic fascia of the Xi 1000K Mtower SP makes this Buy-direct system a visual standout, but that's not the only reason to take notice of it. This 1GHz Athlon system provides some solid performance numbers, charging through Business Winstone 99 with a score barely 4 percent behind the....

CADALYST Magazine Oct Dual  The Xi 1866/1334 MTower DP supports dual 933MHz Pentium III processors, Xi started with the fastest technology available for the Intel platform...  A Total Index score of 29.93 makes it the fastest Intel-based system tested at CADALYST Labs

CADALYST Magazine Oct The 1100K’s C99 3D Total Index score of 32.86 is the top mark recorded at CADALYST Labs, 12% faster than the best score from our last workstation roundup.

Entrepreneur Magazine The age of the gigahertz is here, and Xi Computer has one of the first 1GHz CPUs. If having a speed-of-light processor isn’t enough to make you run out and buy one, try these specs on for size:

Best Buy PC World The Xi Computer 700K MTower Athlon edges out all others with a 
PC WorldBench 98 score of 295.

CNET February Editors Choice 850MHz Xi MTower Athlon
Xi's 850-MHz Dream Machines - It's hard to find fault with Xi Computer's 850-MHz MTower, it promises blazing performance, and it delivers. Though its business-application speed was incredible, this system's game performance blew us away. The Hercules 3D Prophet graphics card, featuring Nvidia's GeForce 256 chip and 32MB of high-end DDR memory, helped the Xi deliver an absolutely amazing 70.5 frames per second (fps) in Quake III at 1,024 by 768 pixels with 32-bit color. That's almost 10 fps faster than Xi's Editors' Choice-winning 800-MHz MTower.

CNET February Editor Choice 800MHz Xi MTower Athlon
If you want the best-performing home PC you can get, this is it. Its high-quality, name-brand internals make it a gamer's dream machine. Beyond the fast CPU clock speed, this PC separates itself from the pack of high-end systems with 32MB of DDR RAM on its Nvidia GeForce-based graphics card, giving it the fastest benchmark scores we've seen. All components that are consistently cited as "the best" can be found in Xi's MTower. There are no trade-offs with this system: its CPU, DVD drive, and sound and graphics cards make this a techno dream machine. Of course, with all these high-end components those who will get the most out of this machine are gamers. 

Cadence January 2000
The Xi 700MHz Workstation performed significantly better than any other system besting the fastest score on the SolidWorks 98 Plus benchmark The Dell Precision 410 with an Intense3D Wildcat graphics card came in at 2.54, while the Xi system turned in a score of 2.73 with a 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1, and costs several thousand less. It also achieved a score of 171 seconds on our CADMARK 2D AutoCAD test, besting the top score of 228 seconds in last month's Pentium III workstation review.

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