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INQUIRER, October - "The winning system also scored five straight A's for performance, cost, warranty, expandability, and return policy. When all those attributes were added together, Cadalyst could only give @Xi's top performing MTower 2P64 its highly recommended award... What that last result shows though is the huge performance improvement that Opteron brings to the table."

Post Magazine, November - "The Opteron also has an advantage over the Itanium 2...it can run both 32-bit and 64-bit applications in native mode....if bang for your buck is important...the dual-Opteron MTower 2P64 is an attractive proposition... @Xi has been around since ‘87, and they don’t just do workstations, but also large multi-processor arrays for the visualization market."

CADALYST Magazine, March - "The Xi 4306 MTower SP @Xi Computer has once again posted the fastest figures on the Cadalyst C2001 Benchmark in a somewhat heated competition for fastest system in this roundup"


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