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CADALYST, March 2007 - "@Xi has been working for some time to produce a mobile workstation that meets its performance expectations. The result of those efforts is the newly released @Xi PowerGo 2Duo, the fastest mobile workstation to ever come through Cadalyst Labs."

PC World, April 2007 - "Xi Computer builds PCs that regularly top our performance charts--and the MTower IGE-SLI Gamer is no exception."

CADALYST, August 2007 - "...the best (AutoCAD) performance numbers to date for a mobile workstation system in Cadalyst Labs. "

PC World, November 2007 - "This overclocked dual-core desktop outgunned pricier, quad-core systems."

PC World, November 2007 - "This system smoked our benchmark, and all the other systems we've reviewed."

CADALYST, December 2007 - "@Xi Computer has a reputation for building speedy workstations that are among the fastest CAD and DCC systems to come through Cadalyst Labs, so it was no surprise that the Xi PowerGo 2Duo XT laptop was among the top in the class."