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The powerful Xi PoweGo XT mobile workstation delivers desktop performance
"With its speedy CPU and high-end NVIDIA graphics, the Xi PowerGo XT turned in some of the best performance we have recorded to date for a mobile workstation,...On the SOLIDWORKS test, the Xi PowerGo XT was the clear winner, surpassing every other mobile workstation we have ever tested."

By David Cohn | in Engineering Computing | Nov 1, 2016

SolidWorks Comm

@Xi's MTower PCIe Workstation Favors Solid Functionality Over Flash
"We benchmarked @Xi's Mtower PCIe and tested out the differences between 3 NVIDIA graphics cards, including the M2000, M4000 and M5000...highly functional workstation capable of handling powerful computing tasks with ease."

By John Myers | ConnectPress Editor | May 25, 2016


Xi MTower CX Review
"Overall, Xiís MTower CX provides an impressive, top-notch computing experience that would be more than fitting for any designer, engineer, 3D animator or robust data analyst...packed with an abundance of power and is built for high productivity and design efficiency."

By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.COM | May 13, 2016


 Review: Xi Sets High Benchmark for Mobile Computing
"...its PowerGo XT notebook, a high-quality mobile workstation built for performance, but at an affordable cost. creating 3D part models in SOLIDWORKS and the processing capacity provided a great user experience when toggling back and forth between design part modeling and assembly windows."

By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.COM | May 4, 2016


Workstation Review: @Xi MTower CX
And now for something completely different
"On the AutoCAD rendering test, which clearly shows the benefit of multiple fast CPU cores,...the Xi MTower CX blew us away, completing the test in 25.3 seconds---faster than any single socket workstation we have ever tested... once again...@Xi delivers plenty of bang for your buck."

By David Cohn | in Engineering Computing - DE | May 2, 2016


Xi Makes a Workstation for High Performance and Endurance
"...I recently received for this review was intimidating, but after firing it up, I immediately recognized that it stood out as a quality and powerful workstation...It appeared that Xi had delivered a high-performing, competitively priced workstation with enough power to satisfy anyone craving computational power and reliability without compromise."

By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.COM | January, 2016


Xi PowerGo XT Notebook Review
"...The Xi PowerGo XT Notebook is more than capable of delivering high-quality performance, while engaging users with premium workstation features to drive productivity...Nonetheless, the PowerGo XT also has a wider, yet stylish, body that is heavier than an average notebook, but with the amount of power, performance and stability packed into this device, I am surprised that it doesnít weigh more."

By Alexander Murray | ENGINEERING.COM | January 18, 2016






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