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Cutting-Edge High Performance Workstations that maximize your NVIDIA PRO VR productivity and efficiency.
Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing professional workflows with technology that makes it possible to work at scale. Holding virtual models in your hands, walking through entire virtual buildings, or rehearsing complex surgical procedures in virtual environments, are completely changing the way VR is used in the workplace.
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VRWorks™ is a comprehensive suite of APIs, libraries, and engines that enable application and headset developers to create amazing Virtual Reality experiences.

VRWorks enables a new level of presence by bringing physically realistic visuals, sound, touch interactions, and simulated environments to Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality creation and consumption requires the highest-performance graphics to deliver the smoothest, most immersive and life-like VR experiences.
Only NVIDIA VR Ready designated Quadro graphics have the level of performance and capabilities essential for best VR experiences across professional applications.

NVIDIA Quadro VR Ready GPUs For Desktop Workstations

Quadro GV100
Quadro GV100
CUDA Parallel Processing Cores 5120
GPU Memory 32 GB HBM2
Max Power Consumption 250W
Quadro GP100
Quadro GP100
CUDA Parallel Processing Cores 3584
GPU Memory 16 GB HBM2
Max Power Consumption 235W
Quadro P6000
Quadro P6000
CUDA Parallel Processing Cores 3580
GPU Memory 24 GB GDDR5X
Max Power Consumption 250W
Quadro P5000
Quadro P5000
CUDA Parallel Processing Cores 2560
GPU Memory 16 GB GDDR5X
Max Power Consumption 180W
Quadro P4000
Quadro P4000
CUDA Parallel Processing Cores 1792
GPU Memory 8 GB GDDR5
Max Power Consumption 105W


Xi VR Workstations deliver the power you need to create the most professional graphics presentations. Our virtual reality PCs are customized to support multiple NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to satisfy the most demanding workflow. Build your own VR-Ready workstation here:
Xi® MTower™ PCIe Workstation Xi® MTower™ 2P64X Workstation
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Customize your ProVR PC Customize your ProVR PC
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