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CreativeLab 128 PCI 3DWave Table
CreativeLab 128 PCI 3DWave Table
CreativeLab Live Value PCI 3DWave Table
DiamondMX 300 Vortex 8830 C.S.PCI 3DWave Table
CreativeLab Audigy GAMER 5.1 3DWave Table with FireWire port
CreativeLab Live Platinum 5.1 PCI 3DWaveT. Digital
Labway Xwave V.Elite Quadraphonic S/PDIF Digital
CreativeLab Audigy 5.1 3DWave Table with FireWire port
CreativeLab Live Platinum Audigy 3DWaveT. Digital w/2 FireWire Ports
CreativeLab Audigy 5.1 MP3+ 3DWave Table with FireWire port

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