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General Information

@Xi Warranty

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Getting Started Q. Was the PC shipped ready to run?
  A. Yes. All you need to do is plug your Keyboard, Mouse, Power Cord and Monitor to the proper video port and turn the computer on by pushing the Power Button.


Microsoft COA label ::

Q. Where is the Microsoft Windows Certificate of Authenticity label on my computer?

A. Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a label that is used to identify genuine Microsoft Windows software. You will need the product key to reinstall your purchased operating system if applicable.

Where to find it:

(A) For Desktops, the COA is located on the right side of the system near the top.
(2) For Rackmounts, the COA is located on the rear, left or top side of the system near the front.
(3) For Noteboks/Laptops, the COA may be located on the bottom of the system or inside the battery compartment.

Note: For additional information on the COA, please visit the Microsoft page, What is the Windows Certificate of Authenticity?

System BIOS::

Q. How do I enter the System/Motherboard BIOS Setup?

A. If for any reason you need to enter the BIOS, you can use the following steps to do so:
1) Turn on or reboot your computer.
2) During the computer initial boot the BIOS informacion will be displayed, press Delete Or F2 key on the keyboard to enter the BIOS setup.

Warnings: Don't change anything if you don't know what you're doing, Your computer may fail to boot and could harm your computer if you attent to flash the BIOS.

Boot Menu::

Q. How do I enter the Computer's Boot Manu?

A. The Boot Menu allows you to choose which device that you would like to boot from by pressing the F8 or F11 key during the computer's POST process.

UEFI Mode ::

Q. I have installed Windows operating system under UEFI mode and my system will not boot if a non-UEFI (MBR) device is set to the top of the boot device order or if the UEFI feature was changed in the BIOS, How do I resolve this issue?

A. We need to set “Windows Boot Manager” as the first priority boot device when the operating system is pre-installed under UEFI mode.
Notes: UEFI mode method is only used if the "Bootable partition" is over the 2TB limitation.

If you want to learn more about UEFI?. Click Here

MS Office 2007 ::

Q. Where can you get the office 2007 back up CD if you want to re-install it?

A. The Office Back up media is available for download from Microsoft Click Here


MS Office 2010 ::

Q. How do I download a backup copy of my Microsoft Office 2010 product?

A. The Office Back up media is available for download from Microsoft, Go to www.office.com/backup


MS Office 2013 ::

Q. Getting started with the new Office 2013?

A. The Office Back up media  available for download from Microsoft, Please click here for more info http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/offer/redir/FX103427465.aspx

MS Office 365 ::

Q. Getting started with your MS Office 365?

1. Locate the MS Office 365 Home Product Key card that was sent with your new PC.
2. Go to www.office.com/setup
3. Enter your 25-character Product Key and follow the instructions on the screen.
4. Sign in with Or create your own Microsoft account.
5. Download Office to your PC.
6. If Activation or Installation assistance is needed, you may call the number on the Product Key card.

Microsoft account is required to Download and Activate/Deactivate Microsoft Office. Sign in to install or reinstall Office or just manage your account:. www.office.com/myaccount


MS Office 2016 ::

Q. Getting started with your MS Office 2016 suites?

1. Locate the MS Office 2016 Suites Product Key card that was sent with your new PC.
2. Go to

Installing and using Office for the first time
> If you do not have a disk, visit www.office.com/setup to get started installing and using Office for the first time and follow the instructions.

 Reinstalling Office
> To reinstall Office from My Office Account, visit http://www.office.com/myaccount Sign in with your Microsoft account. This is the email address and password you associated with your copy of Office when you installed or redeem your product key code for the first time.  Click here to learn more or contact Microsoft support if any trouble click here

McAfee Antivirus::

Q. Getting started with your McAfee Antivirus Installation with Disc?

1. Locate your McAfee Antivirus package that was sent with your new PC
The Installation CD & Product License Key should be inside.

 In order to fully install & activate McAfee Antivirus, You will need to create an account if you don't already have one.
Click here to learn more: http://home.mcafee.com


McAfee Antivirus::

Q. Getting started with your McAfee Antivirus Installation Digital Download Software?

1. Locate your McAfee Antivirus Plus Booklet that was sent with your new PC
Look inside and follow the instruction to Download and Activate your Registration Code provided.
Registration link: http://bundledapps.com/activate/mcafee
Please follow the steps to download and complete the installation over the internet.


Adobe DC 2015::

Q. Getting started with the new Adobe DC 2015 suites?

A. You will receive an email from Adobe after we have submitted the order for you, please look into your email Inbox or spam for this email message telling you the order has processed, Please follow the instructions on that email.



Corsair Airflow::

Q. Corsair Video FAQ: How to assemble and install the Dominator Airflow 2?

A. In this video, Corsair's shows how to assemble and install the Dominator Airflow Corsair's Video Here | More Corsair's Videos

Wireless:: Q. The Wi-Fi is not picking up a Wireless Signal or very little strength. What should I do?
  A. A wireless card uses an antenna to transmit and receive wireless signals for the Router, Please make sure is properly attached to card/module.
Multiple Monitors:: Q. How do I set up multiple monitors, 1x DVI and 1x HDMI or do I need additional cables?
  A. Depending on the graphics card that was selected, most of them support 2 displays or more. I.e. if you want to connect dual DVI using a NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card, you will have to look in the bag of manuals, for the 6” Display Port to DVI converter cable. Once you connect that cable, you can connect dual monitors using DVI. You can also connect dual monitors using one DVI Port and one Display Port that is on the video card. Lastly, you can connect dual monitors directly to both Display Ports. Please refer to your graphics card and monitor manufacturer for specifications. Please contact our Technical Support for further assistance.
Intel X79 SATA AHCI/RAID:: Q. What operating system is supported?
  A. Due to the Intel IRST driver specifications, there are some restrictions in Intel X79 platform when loading Intel IRST driver during Windows OS installation.
1) Windows XP 32bit: Intel IRST driver for X79 platform will NOT support Windows XP 32bit, The BIOS must be set to SATA Mode [IDE Mode] in order to load Windows.
2) Windows XP 64bit: Supports SATA Mode IDE/AHCI/RAID (if RAID volume created] for AHCI/RAID it is necessary to load the IRST drive first from a Floppy Drive during the OS installation for system to detect the storage devices. fail to do this there will be no Mass Storage/HDD present.
3) Windows 7: Supports AHCI or RAID, if RAID volume was created IRST drive must be loaded using a Floppy or USB Storage device.
4) Windows 8: Supports AHCI or RAID. no additional driver is required for Windows OS installation.  

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